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What can I do about animal suffering ?

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SPANA believes that a life of work should never mean a life of suffering, and our mission is to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest communities.


By providing free veterinary care, farriery, dentistry, humane education, emergency feed and professional training, we’re building a more compassionate future for working animals. But the scale of the problem is vast and there are millions of working animals in pain that need SPANA’s help right now. We won’t rest until every working animal enjoys a life free from suffering.

We receive no government funding. Every success you read about here really was made possible by people like you who, like us, cannot ignore the daily struggle of hardworking animals. We can do nothing at all without you – if you believe working animals deserve compassion and care, find out more about how you could be part of the solution…

Source: https://spana.org/

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